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Injured Passenger wins Yearly Car Accident Compensation Package

A man severely injured as a passenger in a road accident has won annual payments of car accident compensation for the injuries he suffered.

Anthony Bennett was injured when he was in a car driven by his friend Jonathan Stephens. Mr Stephens sadly died in the accident when he drove into a boulder as his car left the road on the A390.

Mr Bennett suffered severe spinal injuries as a back seat passenger in the car, and these injuries have left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

We reported last February that Mr Bennett was awarded £2.25 million in compensation at the High Court in London. Now the Western Morning News newspaper is reporting that in a separate ruling last Wednesday, it was decided that he will also receive annual payments from the insurance company in question. These payments will cover the cost of his care for the rest of his life and give him peace of mind and security. The payments will be paid into a trust fund to protect them.

This decision comes quickly after the front seat passenger of the car – Marcus Jeffries – was awarded £1 million pounds in compensation for the injuries that he suffered in the incident.

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