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Injury from Cardboard Tube Machine Leads to Fine

An injury to a man who was using a machine that makes cardboard tubes, has led to a fine for his employers.

The unnamed worker was employed by Curran Packaging Company Ltd in June 2011, when the accident happened. The 20 year old suffered a hand injury that resulted in severe bruising, when his hand was accidentally pulled inside the machine. The injury kept him off work for 8 days.

The HSE later found that the cardboard tube making machine was not adequately guarded. The accident could have reportedly been easily prevented had the machine been set up with a trip switch in the correct position.

A similar accident had happened just four months prior to this accident. This incident also resulted in an employee suffering from similar injuries.

Curran Packaging Company Ltd were fined £15,000 at Basildon Magistrates’ Court in regards to the incident. This was because they pleaded guilty to breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act.

A Health and Safety Executive inspector stressed the need for employers to ensure that machinery used in their business is safe and set up correctly.

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