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Irish Compensation Claims Up 5% in the Last Year

Compensation claims in Ireland have risen by 5% in the last year. The figures published by the Irish Injuries Board – a body which helps settle claims without going to court – produced some very interesting statistics.

– A total of 25,919 new claims were submitted during 2009 a 5% increase from the number submitted in 2008.
– The number of successful claims actually went down to 8,645.
– Of the new claims submitted there was a reduction in claims for work place accidents by 6.5%

So what can we make of these figures? Well firstly, the number of work-related compensation claims falling can be directly related to the recession. With 2009 being a hard hitting year financially, the number of people unemployed rose significantly. Less people in work means less work place accidents, the correlation is clear. The recession hit traditional industries like manufacturing and construction hard, and it is these manual based occupations that provide a high percentage of work claims every normal year.

The figures also revealed that the highest compensation awarded was €493,902 for a road traffic fatality. Road traffic accidents still make up the majority of personal injury claims at nearly 72%. Also publicised was the average payout figure at €23,163. This figure is 6% down on the previous years, a fact that can again be attributed to the fall in work based claims. Work placed compensation claims tend to attract the higher rewards due to the often serious nature of the injuries involved.

As for the year ahead, the average payout is likely to stay at a similar level as the global economies try to pull out of recession.

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