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Janitor Sues School after Pupil’s Vaseline Prank

The janitor of a school is reported to be seeking compensation, after pranks by pupils resulted in her slipping on Vaseline.

Linda Mary Gillie was an assistant janitor at Galashiels Academy when the accident happened on the 12th May 2009. It is alleged that sixth form pupils played a number of pranks on this day as it was the end of their year.

Legal papers submitted to court report that Mrs Gillie was asked to clean up some Vaseline that was used as part of one of these pranks. The Vaseline had been smeared onto the banister of one of the staircases at the school.

Unbeknown to Mrs Gillie, there was also some Vaseline on the steps themselves that caused her to slip and fall. The fall down the stairs caused her injury and she was taken to hospital. At hospital she was diagnosed with a mild head injury and underwent general anaesthetic to remove fluid on her leg.

Now, Deadline is reporting that Mrs Gillie is suing the school for compensation for her slip accident. It is argued by her legal team that end of year pranks from sixth formers had become habitual at the school, and the education authority did not do enough to discourage this from happening. They claim that in previous years many pranks were played such as placing sardines in lockers and putting washing up liquid down toilets.

The authority’s legal team contest the claims arguing that no such pranks were played in previous years. They also argue that any sixth formers found on school grounds that day were asked to leave as they had no classes.

Mrs Gillie is reported to be seeking £50,000 in compensation.

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