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Jogger Hit by falling Traffic Light after Freak Lorry Accident

A former paratrooper, who suffered a serious head injury, when a lorry knocked over a set of traffic lights in a bizarre accident, is expected to receive a huge compensation payout.

Forty year old Stuart Forsyth was jogging towards his base in Colchester, where he served as a corporal in the Parachute Regiment and was waiting to cross the road at a pelican crossing in Colne Causeway, not far from the bridge which crosses over the River Colne.

As he waited a Mercedes flat bed truck, which was carrying a load of scrap metal, approached the crossing, unbeknown to the driver a large steel plate had worked its way free from the lorry and was protruding out of the side of the vehicle.

The metal sheet scythed through the pole supporting the traffic lights and sent them crashing down onto Mr. Forsyth’s head.

The paratrooper who had seen active service in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan was rushed to the Colchester General Hospital with a massive head injury and later transferred to the Queen’s Hospital, in Romford, where he spent thirteen days in a coma.

His injuries were so severe that he has been medically discharged from the Army and still has problems with his speech.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the driver of the truck pleaded guilty to a charge of dangerous driving and received a nine month prison sentence, which was suspended for eighteen months, he did not receive a driving ban as the judge ruled that the company he worked for were largely to blame for the incident.

The judge also stated that Mr. Forsyth could now be expected to receive a large sum in compensation.

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