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Joiner Awarded Compensation after developing Wood Allergy

A Lancashire joiner has been awarded a five figure sum in compensation, after developing a life threatening wood allergy.

Fifty seven year old Brian Ogden, from Royton, in Greater Manchester, was working for his brothers company Classic Joinery Manufacturers, when he first realised he had an adverse reaction to Iroko hardwood dust.

The Manchester Evening News reports that his first contact with the wood product was over twenty years ago, when he worked on a small number of projects using Iroko wood, he noticed that the dust irritated his eyes, nose and throat and caused him some breathing issues.

When the company won a large order which involved using Iroko timber, Mr. Ogden warned his employers of his allergy and he was given a protective mask containing an air filter.

However he soon developed flu like symptoms and was suffering breathing problems, he was eventually hospitalised, after his condition worsened and he had to be put on a drip due to the severity of his condition.

On his return to work the joiner was given a better mask but his symptoms returned when the battery failed and was never replaced.

Mr. Ogden launched a claim for industrial illness compensation against the company, who went into liquidation and ceased trading in 2009; he was awarded a reported five figure sum in damages.

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