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Joiner Launches Construction Accident Claim after 20ft Fall

A 19 year old joiner working on a construction site for a new B & Q store is launching a construction accident claim after suffering multiple injuries at work. Mr Ward tumbled 20ft down a manhole, landing on a concrete platform in the sewer below. The 19 year old joiner claims that the manhole was a hazard as it was only covered with a piece of plywood and was not marked with a warning sign or barrier. While 20ft down in the sewer, Luke repeatedly shouted for help, his calls though landed on deaf ears. The first his colleagues knew of the incident was when they saw Luke – who by this time had managed to drag himself out – collapsed on the floor trying to pull his injured body back to the office.

Mr Ward was treated for cuts and bruises to his ribs, neck strain and tendon and ligament ankle damage at Rotherham Hospital. His ankle injury was so bad that he was under medical instruction to spend the next month on crutches and was unable to work for 5 weeks. Luke is now making a construction accident claim against his then employer Henry Boot, who had contracted the work out to Duttons International Agency who employed Mr Ward at the time. The compensation would cover the financial hardship he suffered from the injury and being unable to work. The case is now in the hands of a construction accident claims solicitor.

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