knee injury compensation

How to claim knee injury compensation

knee injury compensationKnee injuries ca be extremely painful and severely hamper the mobility of the injured person. The knee is the largest joint in the body, and a complex construction of bone, ligament and cartilage. As well as being crucial for walking and mobility, it also supports the weight of most of the body. Here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, we can help you claim compensation for your knee injury.

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Types of knee injury

The knee joint connects the upper leg bone (femur) with the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula). Its position and weight bearing responsibilities mean that it is vulnerable to injury. Some of the most common injuries to the knee are shown below.

  • fracture to the patella (knee-cap)
  • knee ligament damage
  • cartilage damage
  • ruptured tendon
  • bursitis

If the injury was caused by work conditions or an accident that was not your fault then a knee injury compensation claim may be possible.

Accidents that cause knee injuries

Knee injuries can happen in any accident, but are more common in some than others. These are shown below.

A knee injury can mean a long time off work while it recovers, which can affect you financially as a result.  A knee injury can also result in complex treatment being necessary, such as surgery and physiotherapy.

Claiming knee injury compensation

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