Ladder Accident Compensation Claims

Many people are superstitious about ladders, refusing to walk underneath them in case it brings them bad luck. Some of us use them as part of our working life.  It is not bad luck which causes accidents, but failure to follow basic safety procedures.

There are around 1200 major injuries suffered in the UK every year due to accidents involving ladders. Using ladders at work can be dangerous if correct procedures are not followed. If you have suffered an injury then you may be able to make a ladder accident compensation claim.

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Common ladder accident causes

Most ladder accidents involve the victim falling from a considerable height to the ground. This can result in serious injuries, such as broken bones, and head injuries which can have life-long consequences. Most ladder accidents are easily preventable. Below are listed some common causes of ladder accidents.

  • Carrying heavy objects up or down the ladder
  • Trying to move the ladder while on it
  • Overreaching while on it
  • Slippery rungs
  • Lack of grip or footing causing the ladder to skid

If you are using ladders at work, your employer has a responsibility under the Work at Height Regulations act to do everything possible to prevent accidents from occurring.

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Employers’ responsibilities

Employers have certain responsibilities to fulfill to ensure you don’t get injured, these include:

  • Providing a ladder that is long enough for the job, to prevent stretching or working off the top three rungs.
  • Providing a ladder which is safe and well maintained, for example with effective anti-slip feet
  • Providing training on the safe use of ladders, including guidance on footing
  • Risk assessing the use of ladders, and providing harnesses or safer alternatives (e.g. scaffolding or a cherry picker) where deemed necessary.


Making a ladder fall compensation claim

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