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Lancashire Police face compensation claims for injuries caused by faulty radios

Police officers in Lancashire are gearing up to make compensation claims against their employers for injuries caused by their portable radio systems.

The radio’s, which are used to communicate with other officers within a certain radius, are believed to have brought on heavy sickness and nausea to many who use them. A number of claims have already been made and the Lancashire Police Authority is thought to be receiving legal advice regarding the situation.

The constabulary revealed to the Lancashire Telegraph that it has paid £20,000 to the radios’ designers, Motorola and 02 to try and minimise the risk of future problems with the equipment.

Airwave’s TETRA radio system was released in 2001 when Lancashire Police became the first force to test it in the UK. In that year 176 users of the devices called in sick with nausea, headache and stomach pain symptoms. Despite this, the Health and Safety Executive did not declare any link between the radios and illnesses.

Of the mounting numbers of faulty product claims, Lancashire Police Authority said: ““The Authority has received a number of liability claims for injury allegedly resulting from the use of the Constabulary’s mobile communications equipment.

“This is an ongoing matter and the outcomes from the claims are not yet known.”

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