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Lancashire Police Force Pay out over £1 million in Road Traffic Accident Claims

Lancashire Police Force has admitted liability for 1,757 accidents involving Police vehicles in the past four years, and has paid out a staggering £1 million in compensation for road traffic accident claims.

The Lancashire Evening Post has reported the extraordinary figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, relating to the period between 2005 and 2009. These figures show that Police vehicles were involved in a total of 3,200 accidents with other road users.

More than half of these crashes – some 1,757 – were deemed to be the responsibility of the Police, while only 356 of the incidents happened while Police were responding at high speed to an emergency incident. As the Police admitted liability, it was responsible to pay compensation to injured victims of the crashes. This amounted to nearly a million pounds, or £937,805 to be precise. The figures have raised some serious questions about the driving standards in the force.

However, the figures reveal that the number of collisions has fallen considerably from 2005 to 2009. Senior Officers of the Lancashire Force confirm that the number of incidents has been reduced by a third over the period. They also maintained the force’s commitment to continue to improve driving standards and highlighted that they had responded to over 300,000 emergency situations alone during the timeframe.

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