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Lancashire Schools Pay Out £1.2million in Compensation

Lancashire Schools have paid out compensation totalling £1.2million during the last six years.

The Lancashire Telegraph reports that the compensation has been paid out mainly to pupils who have been injured on school grounds. The figures have been broken down by year, and show that £360,000 was paid out during 2011. This compares to just £42,250 paid during 2006. This clearly shows a dramatic rise in settlements during the six year reporting period.

The figure for this year is of course as yet incomplete. However, it is reported that so far in 2012 £258,000 in compensation has been paid.

The claims against schools are made after a variety of different accidents in which the school is deemed at fault. Example cases include that of a pupil who was awarded £2,250 after a stack of tables fell on to their foot.

Another case saw £3,500 school accident compensation awarded to a pupil who was struck in the face by a piece of broken railing. The impact caused the pupil to break a tooth. Two of the larger payouts saw £14,868 given to a pupil who tripped on defective floor covering, and £15,000 given to a pupil who scolded their arm on hot pipes.

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