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Lancaster Man wins Compensation after Botched Knee Surgery

A taxi driver from Lancaster has been awarded a five figure sum in medical negligence compensation, after surgeons damaged his left thigh bone during a routine knee operation.

Sixty four year old Stewart Clegg, from Hala, was admitted to the Kendal NHS Treatment Centre, for a routine knee replacement operation but during surgery his left femur was damaged.

The Lancaster Guardian is reporting that the damage caused to his thigh bone went unnoticed, until it split when he was discharged from the hospital and attempted to walk on it.

Mr. Clegg told the newspaper that he was outside on his patio and had only taken two or three steps with the aid of his crutches, when the bone snapped, causing him to fall to the floor in excruciating pain.

Because of the break Mr. Clegg had to endure further surgery and undergo intensive physiotherapy, which kept him away from his job for nineteen months.

After taking legal advice Mr. Clegg launched a claim for medical negligence compensation against the centre, which is run privately but funded by the North Lancashire Teaching Primary Care Trust.

Mr. Clegg was awarded a five figure sum in damages, in an out of court settlement, to cover his pain and suffering and loss of earnings.

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