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Landmark Compensation Claim Case Started Against Stalker in Scotland

A Scottish woman, who suffered as the victim of a stalker for years, is starting a compensation claim against the perpetrator. It is the first civil case in Scotland and the claimant is hoping it will instigate justice for fellow victims too.

Ann Moulds was the victim of stalker Alex Reid for two and a half years. She lived in constant fear and was forced to leave her home town of Ayr. She describes how it all started with a Valentine’s Day card in 2004. Her initial amusement soon turned to disgust as she opened the card and read the ‘filth’ inside. Mr Reid later progressed to sending her pictures of him in women’s underwear. Ms Moulds was forced to leave her job at a podiatry clinic due to its isolated location. She also decided to leave her home town of 30 years, Ayr, to try and escape the relentless worry she felt.

Alex Reid was convicted of offences regarding breach of the peace in 2008, as there are no stalking laws at present in Scotland. He was given 260 hours community service, three years probation, and placed on the sex offenders register. He was forbidden from contacting Ms Moulds again.

Ms Moulds is making the compensation claim to recompense her for the fear, stress and anxiety she was forced to suffer.

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