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Legal Action after Pregnant Woman’s Supermarket Fall

Legal action is reportedly being taken after a pregnant woman fell on a supermarket’s wet floor.

Vikki Poole was eight months pregnant with her daughter Emmie when the incident happened in June this year. She was visiting the Festival Park branch of Morrisons supermarket to do her shopping.

However, as she entered the store via the front entrance, she slipped on a wet floor. She was helped up and put into a wheelchair, before being taken to the store’s first aid room. Morrisons staff told her that the floor was wet due to a leak in the roof, and ambulance was called for her to take her to hospital.

At hospital, she was treated for a foot injury, and underwent maternity tests. Luckily Emmie was unharmed and was born a few weeks later.

The Sentinel is reporting that she is now taking legal action against the supermarket for the injury she suffered. She has reportedly already turned down an offer £1,000 compensation for her supermarket accident claim.

Vikki tells the paper that Emmie was born prematurely by two and a half weeks. Doctors have told her that this could have been caused by stress.

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