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Legal Battle for Compensation after Crash with a Police Car

A legal battle for compensation is underway after a crash involving a police car.

Julian Starks suffered serious injuries in the crash which happened back in 2007. He was traversing a mini-roundabout in Stevenage when he was involved in a collision with a police vehicle driven by a female police officer.

The impact of the collision caused Mr Starks to suffer a broken neck. He tells the Hertfordshire Mercury that despite the level of injury he has not been left paralysed. He will however suffer life long symptoms such as aches and pains.

Mr Starks made a claim against Hertfordshire Police after the accident, claiming the female officer was at fault. A judge in the case subsequently ruled that Mr Stark was 55% responsible for the accident himself. However, a hearing at the Court of Appeal has resulted in him being granted permission to launch a full appeal of this decision.

Lord Justice Moore-Bick stated at the hearing that it was arguable that the police officer bore greater responsibility for the collision, after the details of the accident were relayed during the hearing.

Both Mr Starks and the Police vehicle were approaching the roundabout at the same time and could see each other for several seconds before impact. Mr Starks’ legal team argued that whilst their client had committed a minor misjudgement, the police officer – who was not on an emergency call – failed to slow down and drove straight over the roundabout.

Mr Starks’ injuries are reported to be so severe that he could receive £100,000 compensation, if the police officer is deemed to be completely responsible for the accident.

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