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Legal Battle for Compensation after Stormy Cruise Injuries

A legal battle for compensation is taking place after a storm hit cruise left passengers injured.

Anne Hunt was a passenger on the MV Athena as it cruised across the Atlantic in September 2006. It set off from Britain on a cruise that was to take in Nova Scotia, New England and New York.

However, as the boat crossed the Atlantic Ocean, it was hit by two hurricanes. The storms caused the vessel to list violently, leaving passengers terrified and in some cases injured.

Passengers were injured as they fell to the ground or fell from bunks in the rough seas. One passenger unfortunately suffered fatal injuries as they fell down steps during the storm.

Mrs Hunt was one of the injured passengers, who along with 16 others, is seeking compensation for the injuries they suffered. The case has just gone before a High Court judge, who will decide if the case can go ahead despite a six-year delay.

Mrs Hunt is reported by the Blackpool Gazette to be seeking compensation from Travelscope Holidays Limited, Classic International Cruises S.A and Arcalia Shipping Company Limited, who all deny liability. Her legal team argue it was a negligent decision to set out on the cruise in such bad weather. Lawyers for the companies argue that inexcusable delays have prejudiced the case, and the cruise ship accident claims should be thrown out.

A ruling will be given at a later date.

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