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Leicester City Council’s Half a Million Pothole Compensation Claim Bill

Leicester City Council has paid out a compensation claim bill of £465,000 for damage caused by potholes in the last year. This figure includes solicitor’s costs as well as the compensation paid for vehicle damage and personal injury.

The news comes at the same time as mechanics in the city report a sharp rise in car MOT failures. They report having to fail many cars due to suspension spring breakage they believe to be caused by the poor state of the regions roads. One unnamed MOT tester alleged that up to 50% of cars going through his garage were failing due to pothole damage. The cold winter and abundance of snow in recent months has left roads in a poor condition. Thousands of potholes have been reported on roads in the area. Despite frenzied attempts at fixing them, motorists are understandably disgruntled at the damage the state of the roads are doing to their cars.

Neighbouring Leicester County Council has received a £1.2 million bonus from the Department of Transport to help resurface the battered roads. The City Council itself has received a payment of over £200,000 to improve its roads. The resurfacing though will come too late for many motorists in the area. A broken suspension spring can cost up to £150.

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