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Lincolnshire Firm Fined after Worker falls from Breadcrumb Making Machine

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), has prosecuted a Lincolnshire food manufacturing company, after a worker suffered serious personal injury in a fall from height accident.

The thirty nine year old employee, who asked not to be named, was working as a maintenance technician at Kerry Ingredients (UK) Ltd and had climbed on top of the machine in order to install a lifting beam, to assist in the removal of an electric motor.

Unfortunately as he leant over the machine to tighten screws on the beam he slipped and plummeted almost three metres to the ground below.

The employee badly bruised the base of his spine (coccyx) and fractured his ribs in the fall, his injuries kept him away from work for a period of three weeks.

Lincoln Magistrates Court was told by the HSE that the company should have installed a proper working platform around the breadcrumb maker, to prevent employees having to lean over the machine.

Kerry Ingredients (UK) Ltd was fined £4,500 after admitting a breach of the Work at Height Regulations, following a successful prosecution by the HSE.

Fall from height accidents remain one of the biggest causes of serious personal injury in the workplace, with over 4,000 employees being injured in this way last year alone.

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