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Liverpool Women’s Hospital Facing £10 million Clinical Negligence Compensation Bill

Liverpool Women’s Hospital is facing a potential £10 million pound clinical negligence compensation bill.

Many women who were treated for incontinence by top gynaecologist George Rowland have since complained about the negligent treatment that they received. Many have filed claims pertaining to the fact that they were given the wrong surgery or aftercare. Some pertain to the fact that the surgery was botched and poorly completed.

Last year the Hospital went as far as recalling hundreds of his patients as part of a review into his work. Many patients reported that their incontinence had gotten worse and were suffering from chronic pain.

Concerns were first raised about George Rowland’s work in 2004, and the NHS trust has been criticised for not taking action sooner. He went on performing surgery for four years – until 2008 – after the first complaints were received.

Up to 100 former patients are thought to be pursuing a clinical negligence compensation claim against the hospital. Some of these claims involve procedures that date back as far as the late 1990s.

The Liverpool Women’s Hospital has made changes to stop a similar situation from happening in the future. A spokesperson for the hospital declared; “If something similar happened now it would be picked up on straight away.”

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