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Local Council Pays £514,000 Compensation after Injuries to Staff

Northamptonshire County Council has paid out £514,000 compensation to injured staff during the last five years.

New figures – released after a Freedom of Information request – highlight the sums that were split amongst 51 successful claimants between the period of April 2006 and March 2011.

Example claims – reported in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo newspaper – include that of a council worker, who was injured when they slipped on food that was on a dining hall floor. They were reportedly awarded £32,010 compensation for their injuries.

Other notable cases include that of a council employee, who was injured when they tripped and fell over in a car park. They successfully claimed £12,000 compensation after fracturing a bone in the incident.

Similarly, a person who suffered multiple injuries when they fell down stairs that were in poor condition, received £15,799 in damages.

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire County Council stated to the paper that they follow health and safety procedures and place the welfare of their staff as a top priority. They also stressed that all claims were subject to a rigorous assessment process.

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