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Lorry Driver Injured Falling Down Rubbish Shoot

A lorry driver was seriously injured after he fell down a processing chute at a recycling centre.

The 49 year old unnamed agency worker was employed by ICSL Accord Ltd at the time of accident in December 2007. He was working as the driver of a skip lorry, and was tipping waste at the Hornsey Waste and Recycling Centre in Islington, London.

The waste was being tipped into a waste chute when the driver accidentally fell. He fell a total of ten metres, from the rear of the vehicle to the bottom of the chute.

The lorry driver suffered serious injuries in the accident, including fractures to two of the vertebrae in his spine. These fractures left him in a spine brace for 9 months. The injuries mean that he is unable to ever work as a lorry driver again, and now walks with a limp.

The accident was investigated by the HSE, which found that the accident was preventable if different procedures had been in place. The HSE had recommended London Waste sites change their tipping procedures in the year before the accident. On top of this, it was found that ICSL Accord Ltd failed to give sufficient training in tipping rubbish.

London Waste Ltd and ICSL Accord Ltd have both recently pleaded guilty to breaking health and safety law in regards to the incident. They were fined £40,000 and £24,000 respectively.

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