Loss of sight claims

Loss of sight claims

Many people take their eyesight for granted, paying little thought to how difficult life would become without it. The gift of sight allows us to do countless everyday tasks easily which would otherwise be extremely difficult. It also allows us to take in the beauty of the world and enjoy simple pleasures such as seeing our loved ones.

This is why we know how devastating losing your sight in an accident can be, and why we offer sympathetic and understanding advice regarding compensation. At Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, our years of experience really do count in getting the best for you.

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Losing your sight can happen as the result of a wide variety of accidents. The loss can be temporary or permanent, depending on the damage done. Again, depending on the exact circumstances, sight can be lost in both eyes or just one. Either way, the injury is traumatic and can take significant time to adjust.

Below we highlight some of the incidents which can result in loss of sight.

Violent assaults
Being the victim of a criminal assault can result in loss of sight due to impact trauma to the eye. We can help you claim maximum compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) which compensates innocent victims of crime.

Hit by object
Objects flying into the eye at speed are a common cause of loss of sight claims. This could be a piece of glass in a road traffic accident for example, or a piece of metal flying off machinery at work.

Chemical injuries and burns
Certain chemicals can cause damage serious enough to affect sight if they come into contact with the eye. Safe procedures should be provided if handling these chemicals at work.

Head injuries
Traumatic head injuries can cause sight problems if certain parts of the eyes or brain are damaged. Falls and car accidents are common causes of head injuries.

Medical negligence/laser eye surgery errors.
Although extremely rare, errors and negligence when performing medical procedures on or around the eye can unfortunately cause loss of sight to the patient.

This list is far from exhaustive and if you or someone you know has suffered some form of loss of sight injury then contact our team on 0800 2800 976 for free no obligation advice on making a claim for compensation.


Making a Loss of Sight Claim

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Adapting to a new life living with sight problems can be hard, and compensation can be needed to finance the adaptations and equipment that can greatly improve quality of life. Put your trust in the experts at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors

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