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Man assaulted at pub makes successful personal injury compensation claim

A man will receive £5,000 criminal injury compensation after making a personal injury compensation claim against his attacker.

Rick Nussey would usually have served a prison sentence for an assault on victim Gavin Thomas. However, his sentence was suspended for one year on the condition that he makes regular personal injury compensation payouts to Mr Thomas.

The assault took place in outside a pub in Langwith, near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. After a day of drinking, Mr Nussey punched Mr Thomas to the ground after an argument, and followed this by further kicking whilst he was down.

Mr Thomas decided to make a personal injury compensation claim after he suffered a number of injuries as a result, including a fractured eye socket, a laceration to his eyelid which needed surgery, abrasion to the retina and numerous curs and bruises on his face.

Mr Nussey admitted to the assault on his arrest, saying he did it “out of rage” when he believed Mr Thomas was attacking one of his friends.

Due to Mr Nussey’s previous good character, he was let off from having to serve a custodial sentence, and instead ordered to pay criminal injury compensation to Mr Thomas, at a rate of £100 per month.

The judge said: “This was a drunken assault. I am prepared to accept it was one blow but it caused a very serious injury to the victim and altered his life very much for the worse.

“I believe you are very remorseful for what happened and in now way intended a serious injury to occur. It is far better for this victim that you pay him substantial compensation and remain in your well paid job.”

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