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Man avoids jail and is ordered to pay compensation after drunken pub attack

Mr Steve Maclaren is being sued for £3,500 and has to undertake three years of probation for attacking a fellow drinker in a pub in Arbroath, Scotland.

The attack happened on July 5th last year after the victim, Ian Mostyn, left the bar in which he was having a drink as he did not want to be in the company of Mr Maclaren any longer. Later that night, Mr Mostyn saw Maclaren again and the attacker approached him shouting threateningly. He then asked why the victim had left the previous bar without telling him and then began his attack punching Mr Mostyn in the body and head leaving him seriously disfigured. It is reported that after the attack Mr Maclaren put his arms above his head and bowed as if he has just won a fight,

Mr Mostyn suffered from a double fracture to his jaw and had metal plates inserted into his face. During his recuperation Mostyn could not open his mouth, but had to survive on a liquid diet while he was in hospital.

The attacker has apologised for his actions and explains that he is full of remorse for what he did. Mr Maclaren said that he was inebriated at the time and cannot remember most of what happened that night and he is a totally different person when sober.

Maclaren, who is being sued for £3,500 and is under an 8-month restriction of liberty order, avoided a jail term after the judge decided that as a father and the main care giver of his daughter, a custodial sentence would have a negative affect on his child.

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