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Man awarded £2.4m Compensation after Whiplash Injury leads to Stroke

A Hertfordshire businessman, who suffered a stroke just over a month after being involved in a road traffic accident, has been awarded £2.4 million in compensation.

The London Evening Standard is reporting that fifty six year old Robert Bright, from Kings Langley, was travelling along the M27 when heavy traffic brought his car to a standstill, he was then shunted from behind by another vehicle, in what was a relatively minor collision.

Mr. Bright told the newspaper that he was thrown forwards by the impact of the crash and suffered headaches and neck pain which he attributed to whiplash, believing his symptoms would heal after a few days he carried on as normal with his day to day activities.

Unbeknown to Mr. Bright the whiplash injury had damaged a major artery in his neck, which led to him suffering a serious stroke, thirty four days after the initial car accident.

The stroke left him with a brain injury and without the full use of his left arm, effectively ending his career as a successful customer services and contracts manager.

Following a High Court hearing Mr. Bright was awarded £2.43 million in damages after medical evidence proved that the initial road traffic accident had ‘more than likely’ brought about the stroke.

The settlement will cover Mr. Bright’s long term care and rehabilitation costs, as well as compensate him for lost earnings.

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