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Man Awarded Compensation after Doctor Fails to Spot Dangerous Blood Clot

A Croydon man has been awarded a six figure sum in medical negligence compensation, after a misdiagnosed blood clot led to his right leg being amputated.

The Croydon Guardian is reporting that seventy six year old Brian Dowsett, who lived in Purley at the time of the incident, had been experiencing excruciating pain in his leg, when he attended the now defunct Croydoc out of hour’s service.

However, despite his leg showing all the classic symptoms of a blocked artery, white, cold to touch and with a weak pulse he was sent home by the doctor on duty and told to see his own GP after the weekend.

This led to a significant delay in treatment for Mr. Dowsett who was immediately sent to hospital by his GP for crucial emergency surgery.

Surgeons managed to remove the blood clot but three weeks later his leg had to be amputated just above the knee, as parts of it had started to turn black

Mr. Dowsett launched a claim for medical negligence compensation against Dr Hans Rag Yadav, for failing to recognise his leg required immediate medical attention and after a long legal battle was finally awarded a six figure sum in compensation.

Dr Yadav has subsequently been struck off by the General Medical Council (GMC) and is no longer on the medical register.

An experienced medical negligence solicitor, who represented Mr. Dowsett, stated that the level of care provided by Dr. Yadav had been ‘completely unacceptable’.

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