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Man Contemplates Whiplash Compensation Claim after Crash with One Foot Deep Pothole

A man from Croydon who smashed his car into a lamppost after hitting an ‘invisible’ pothole is pondering whether or not to make a whiplash compensation claim.

Daniel Cheesman has reported to a local newspaper that his car suffered £2,800 worth of damage by hitting a lamppost after being thrown off course by a monster pothole. He reports that while driving down Headley Drive in New Addington at night, he could not see the pothole as it was filled with water and there was poor lighting on the road. He hit the pothole– he estimates to be a foot deep – at a speed of 20 mph.

Mr Cheesman suffered whiplash in the collision with a lamppost, and still suffers from headaches and insomnia. He is pondering making a whiplash compensation claim against the council for the injuries he has suffered. There were allegedly 100 potholes on the same street at the time of the accident, but the local filled in the offending pothole the day after the accident.

Mr Cheesman expressed his despair at the state of the roads in New Addington by saying; “The woman who was behind me told me she’d had a crash just a few days before because of another pothole on Headley Drive so it’s obviously happening often.”

The council reiterated “its commitment to long-term investment in permanent road resurfacing.”

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