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Man Crushes Hand whilst Cleaning Paper Machine

A man suffered a serious crush injury to his hand whilst cleaning a paper coating machine in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire.

The unnamed man was working for Cotek Papers Ltd at the time of the accident in April 2012. As he tried to clean the rollers of the paper coating machine, his right hand was caught and dragged between the rollers.

His hand was crushed and he suffered cuts and bruising. As a result of the injury, he had to take two months off work.

The Health and Safety Executive found that the cleaning process that the man was undertaking had to be carried out by staff on a regular basis. The five safety guards that protected workers from the moving parts of the machinery had to be removed for cleaning to take place.

The HSE decided that this system of work was unacceptable and exposed workers to the risk of suffering injury. A safer work system to clean the rollers should have been devised by the company.

At a hearing at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court this week, the company was fined £4,000 for breaking health and safety legislation.

The accident was described by a HSE inspector as preventable if a safe system of work had been put in place.

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