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Man Dies in Road Traffic Accident Collision

A respected Nissan worker from Sunderland has been killed in a road traffic accident.

Nick Carthy, 47, was hit by an oncoming car whilst walking up a dual carriageway following a night out in Durham.

He suffered multiple injuries as a result of the road traffic accident, which was blamed on the fact that he was over three times the legal drink-drive limit.

The man had been walking up the A690 to meet a friend who planned to give Mr Carthy a lift home. However he was struck by an oncoming car and later died in North Durham University Hospital.

The driver involved in the road traffic accident told case investigators that he attempted to swerve and avoid the man, but was unable to prevent a strike with the car nearside.

Doctors confirmed that the amount of alcohol – 254 microgrammes in 100 millimetres would have left him “extremely drunk” with impaired concentration and reduced reflexes.

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