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Man Hit by Car as he Stood in the Road with his Trousers Down Wins Millions in Compensation

A man who was struck by a car whilst he was standing in the middle of the road with his trousers down has won the right to claim millions in compensation.

The incident happened to former Royal Marine Robert Ayres whilst he was on a night out with friends in Leicester during September 2008. A High Court Hearing heard that in the early hours of the morning, Mr Ayres walked into the middle of the road and pulled his trousers and underpants down.

Mr Ayres continued to expose himself to oncoming traffic despite pleas from his girlfriend to stop. A Volkswagen Passet, driven by Mahesh Odedra, struck Mr Ayres as he stood in the road, causing him to fall and hit his head on the kerb.

Mr Ayres suffered a serious brain injury in the accident and will need specialist care for the rest of his life. The Daily Mail reports that Mr Ayres sought compensation to cover the costs of this care, and a decision on liability in the case has just been taken at the High Court.

Judges have ruled that driver Mahesh Odedra was 80% responsible for the accident, whilst Mr Ayres was 20% responsible himself. Mr Ayres behaviour was described as “very foolish” but the judge still placed the lion’s share of responsibility with the motorist.

Mr Ayres will now receive 80% of the compensation due to him. The settlement could run into millions because of the serious of the injuries suffered. The exact figure will not be decided until a later court hearing.

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