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Man Hit in Groin with Taser by Police could make Compensation Claim

A man who was accidentally shot in the groin with a taser could make a compensation claim against the police.

Peter Cox was driving to his friend’s house in Bridgwater, Somerset to continue with some gardening work he was undertaking. Police – who had been following his BMW – pulled over to speak to him, wrongly believing he was driving without insurance.

The police then report that Mr Cox “became aggressive” and subsequently pointed a taser gun at him. Mr Cox strongly denies any aggression and the policeman in question quickly went to lower and withdraw the weapon. As he was doing so, it accidentally went off and Mr Cox was hit by two taser probes, one in his groin and one in his ankle.

The taser shock left him paralysed for up to half an hour, and he received treatment from paramedics. Luckily, he suffered no lasting damage. The weapons release a high voltage electric current which is designed to incapacitate offenders. Peter describes being in considerable pain from the shock.

Mr Cox is now reportedly considering suing the police and could possibly receive around £1,500 in compensation. A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police has confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

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