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Man horrifically injured by lorry to receive personal injury compensation

A man who was dragged beneath a lorry and catastrophically injured will receive personal injury compensation, a judge has ruled.

Businessman Andrew Howe, 30, was hit by the 44-tonne articulated lorry as he opened the door of his car. He was pulled underneath and tangled into the vehicle’s rear axle, before being thrown back down onto the road.

Following the accident, Mr Howe did not regain consciousness for two months. His right leg had been amputated by the lorry, whilst the horrific damage to his left leg meant that had to be removed later in a surgical procedure. His right arm and left hand were also badly damaged.

The lorry driver, Wayne Houlton, 37, was declared fully responsible for the cause of the incident, despite Mr Howe being parked illegally at the time. It is unclear why Mr Houlton did not notice the parked car’s door being opened in front of him.

Mr Howe had parked on zig-zag lines near a pedestrian crossing so he did not have as far to carry heavy tiles that he had bought from a nearby shop. However, despite his illegal parking, the judge said he was not at fault for the cause of the accident.

His personal injury compensation award is likely to total millions of pounds for the severity of his injuries.

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