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Man in Compensation Struggle after Car is Hit by Police Vehicle

A man is in a struggle for compensation after his car was struck by a police vehicle.

Graham Seymour was in his Ford Fiesta car travelling around Birmingham when the accident happened in February 2012. He turned out of the Stechford Cascades leisure centre and was then struck by a police patrol car.

The crash caused him to suffer whiplash and a shoulder injury. The injuries left him having to take five weeks off work to recover. His car was a write-off after the incident.

The Birmingham Mail reports that Mr Seymour is in a battle for compensation with West Midlands Police. He argues that the patrol car was not using its flashing lights and siren as it should have been.

This argument has been rejected by West Midlands Police. The paper reports that the force have so far refused to pay out compensation as the patrol car was using its siren and lights.

Mr Seymour claims that an independent witness to the accident backed up his assertion that the patrol car was not using its emergency signals. However, police did not take a statement from her at the scene.

Mr Seymour is appealing for this witness to the crash (who was driving a white car) to come forward. His local MP has expressed his concern that there were no witness statements to a crash that happened on a busy street.

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