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Man in Sheep Costume set on Fire seeks Burn Injury Compensation

A man who was set on fire whilst wearing a sheep costume is considering legal action for burn injury compensation.

Arjuna Rabindranath was travelling on the train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen after watching a football match last October. He was wearing a sheep costume he had made himself for the occasion, which consisted of cotton wool and a tracksuit. He met rival supporter Peter Wallace on the train and they had some banter. Hibernian fan Mr Wallace flicked his cigarette lighter near Mr Rabindranath’s costume in an act – he later told court – of jest. However, the sheep costume set on fire and Arjuna ran through the train screaming in agony.

He suffered second and third degree burns to 40% of his body and at points his life was in danger after suffering complications such as sepsis, where the whole body goes into an inflammatory state. He was in hospital for months, carries extensive scars, and still has not fully recovered the use of his hands.

Peter Wallace told police at the scene that it was he who caused the accident due to his “mucking about”. Last week he admitted to culpable and reckless conduct in court, but was spared jail if he agreed to pay £25,000 compensation to Mr Rabindranath.

Now Mr Rabindranath has reportedly spoken out that the compensation amount is not enough for the terrible injuries and trauma he has suffered. He is supposedly seeking legal advice on seeking more compensation for his scars.

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