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Man injured in shower slip accident makes compensation claim against golf club

A retired man is making a compensation claim after a slip accident in his golf club’s showers.

Anthony Avery, 72, is claiming that Rye Golf Club was negligent and breached a duty of care to its members by failing to put anti-slip measures in place to prevent such an incident occurring.

As a result of his accident he has undergone an operation to repair damaged ligaments in his right shoulder. This was performed privately at a cost of £5000. He was also required to have physiotherapy.

Mr Avery is making a maximum compensation claim of £50,000, which will pay for his personal injuries and damages. This includes no longer being able to play golf as it causes him too much pain.

He said: “I feel terrible that it’s stopped me from playing golf. I’m retired and it’s been my main hobby quite frankly. It’s just extremely sad. The club say that I should have been a bit more careful when I stepped in the shower but I don’t think it was my fault.”

The golf club have so far denied all liability for the accident. It’s believed that around 12,000 showers are taken at the club every year.

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