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Man Injures Fingers on Circular Saw in Work Accident

A man severely injured his fingers in an accident involving a circular saw whilst working in a factory.

The accident happened in October last year to Mr Graham Beal from Kent. He was working at the factory of BMM Weston Ltd in Brent Hill at the time.

Mr Beal had been tasked with making metal trolley handles by using a circular saw. This process involved cutting a solid steel bar. However, the clamping mechanism on the machine had broke, meaning that Mr Beal was attempting to do the job by holding the metal bar steady himself.

As Mr Beal was performing his job, his hand accidentally came into contact with the rotating blade of the saw. The blade was unguarded and caused him a serious injury. He suffered serious cuts on his hand and severed tendons too.

The HSE investigated and found that this particular saw and other saws on the premises had problems with their safety guarding and with their maintenance. They subsequently prosecuted the company for breaking work equipment regulations.

At a court in Maidstone last week, the firm pleaded guilty to the charges and were fined a total of £2,400.

The company is reported to have now fitted the machine with suitable guarding and a clamping mechanism.

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