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Man Jailed after making False Claim for Injury Compensation

A man who made his sister and friend lie in order to try and make a £25,000 claim for injury compensation has been jailed.

Anjam Shabir claimed he was involved in an accident back in October 2008. He reported that an illegal immigrant had reversed into his car while both cars were moving. The immigrant was a Mr Radic Steiner who has now been deported to the Czech Republic. An industry expert who investigates car crash scenes for evidence deduced that the impact had in fact happened while Mr Shabir’s car was stationary.

Mr Shabir tried to reinforce the credentials of his claim by getting his sister – Rubia Shabbir – and his friend – Mohammed Najeeb – to claim they were passengers at the vehicle at the time of the crash.

In total the three friends tried to claim over £25,000 in injury compensation from Acromas insurance who were the insurers of Mr Steiner. All three lied to medical professionals about injuries they had allegedly sustained.

Anjam Shabir was convicted of fraud and given a sentence of 6 months imprisonment. The Judge presiding in the case said that the punishment was meant as a deterrent to prevent others from trying something similar. Rubia Shabbir and Mohammed Najeeb were both sentenced to 250 hours of unpaid work.

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