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Man Loses the Tips of Four Fingers in Rotating Blade Accident

A man lost the tips of four of his fingers in an accident involving a rotating blade.

Albert McEvoy was employed by Murphy & Sons Ltd, a provider of supplies for the brewing industry. The accident happened in March 2011, when he was attempting to feed powder into an industrial mixer.

Mr McEvoy was trying to feed the clogged powder through a discharge tube when his fingers accidentally came into contact with the rotating blades. This caused him a devastating hand injury and he lost the tips of all four fingers to varying lengths.

The injury caused him to take months off work. He has since returned but finds many everyday tasks – such as fastening buttons – difficult.

The industrial mixer was inspected by the Health and Safety Executive, who found that it had no guard fitted that would prevent access to dangerous moving parts of the machine. Such a guard would have prevented this accident from happening.

As a result of this discovery, the HSE prosecuted the company for breaking work equipment regulations. They have just been fined £20,000 after pleading guilty at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

According to a HSE inspector, the risk of this accident occurring was entirely foreseeable.

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