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Man makes industrial deafness claims against former employers

A man who made industrial deafness claims against three former employers has been awarded personal injury compensation.

Over a period of 29 years, John Walton suffered damage to his hearing at three separate places of work; Corus (formerly British Steel Corporation), Darchem Projects Ltd and Tubros Engineering.

Although all three working environments posed a danger to Mr Walton’s hearing, it wasn’t until he attended a medical examination in 2007 when he realised the extent of the damage.

Mr Walton’s subsequent industrial deafness claims were made against all three former employers as they all contributed to his eventual deterioration of hearing. All admitted liability and as a consequence were made to pay a total of £12,750 personal injury compensation between them.

As a welder, Mr Walton worked in a constantly noisy environment for a large part of each day. Although loss of hearing is a common industrial accident in such an environment, it is still the case that the employer holds responsibility for the protection of the employees. Therefore, it was the case that Mr Walton had every right to make industrial deafness claims and secure the compensation that may improve his quality of life in the future.

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