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Man Mentally Scarred by Bus Crash Seeks Compensation

A man waiting for a bus in Blackpool is seeking compensation, after the shelter he was standing in was hit by a double decker.

Forty nine year old Stuart Kinsella, of Kincraig Road, in Bispham, was amongst a small group of people waiting at the shelter in Victoria Road West, in Cleveleys, when the number nine bus crashed into it.

Local business owners and people shopping in the area rushed to the assistance of Mr. Kinsella and two other people in the shelter, including a seventeen year old girl who suffered a nasty head wound in the collision, eight people standing nearby were showered with broken glass.

The Blackpool Gazette is reporting that eyewitnesses at the scene were amazed by the fact, that no one had been killed in the horrifying accident, which practically demolished the shelter.

Mr. Kinsella, told the newspaper that he had not even received an apology from the bus company and has now decided to take legal action against Blackpool Transport, for the ‘mental scarring’ the accident has caused him, including bad nerves and flashbacks.

A spokesperson from the bus company stated that it would be inappropriate to comment, as the matter was now in the hands of their legal representatives.

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