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Man Receives Amputation Compensation after Losing his Foot in Accident at Work

A man has received amputation compensation after losing his foot in a catastrophic heavy machinery accident at work.

Clive Morgan was working for Morgan Est Plc when the accident happened. He was fitting interlocking metal sheets into the ground using a piledriver. These metal sheets prevent an excavation from collapsing. His foot became trapped between a metal sheet and a beam used to position the pile driver, and it was so severely injured that it required amputation.

The Health and Safety Executive prosecuted the company for offences in relation to the accident, and the case was taken to court. The Judge sitting in the case – Judge Richard Williams reported that the personnel of the company were devastated by the accident but that it had had a traumatic effect on Mr Morgan’s life. He fined the company at Barry Magistrates’ Court £12,000 for health and safety breaches, and made them pay £5,000 in amputation compensation to Mr Morgan. They were also ordered to pay legal costs of £7,515. They must pay all three amounts within a 28 day period.

After the decision the Health and Safety Executive welcomed the result and noted that the company had now revised methods for installing the metal plates and had also increased staff training.

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