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Man receives Compensation after Pothole Stumble causes Brain Damage

A woman is suing a beauty salon after she suffered an allergic reaction to fake eyelashes.

Jane Rolfe had her first ever set of fake eyelashes fitted at the Debut Beauty Salon in Brentwood back at Christmas time 2011. However, after waking up the morning after having the lashes fitted, she felt soreness in her eyes.

Mrs Rolfe returned to the salon, where staff told her that this soreness would go away. However, her symptoms got worse and a visit to her GP resulted in her being prescribed steroids and antihistamines.

By this time, the salon could not take the eyelashes out because of the pain it was causing Mrs Rolfe. She eventually managed to take them out herself but suffered with vision impairment and soreness until she was given medication by staff at a specialist eye hospital.

Now, the Brentwood Gazette reports that she is making a compensation claim against the salon, arguing that she was not offered a patch test to look for allergies. The salon is reported to be denying liability and counter arguing that Mrs Rolfe refused a patch test and did not listen to their advice.

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