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Man Run Over by Runaway Mini Wins Compensation

A man, who was injured when he was run over by a runaway Mini, is reported to have received compensation.

Leigh Redman was staying at a holiday park in Devon when the accident happened in August 2008. He was sleeping in a tent with his wife.

A Mini, which belonged to another guest of the holiday park, was parked at the top of a hill on the premises. However, it was not parked securely and careered down the hill and into the Redman’s tent.

Mr Redman suffered serious injuries to his back, collar bone and ribs. The injuries resulted in him undergoing spinal surgery and he had to give up his role with the fire service. Despite surgery and physiotherapy, he is still on painkillers some four years after the accident.

Now, the BBC reports that Mr Redman has received compensation from the insurers of the Mini in an out of court settlement.

The owner of the Mini allegedly parked in the spot despite the holiday park putting up warning signs in an effort to prevent parking in that particular area.

The amount of compensation Mr Redman will receive has not been reported.

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