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Man Run Over by Tow Truck threatens Legal Action

A man who was run over by a tow truck is reported to be threatening legal action.

Matthew Bullas was attending a friend’s wedding in Croydon when the incident happened on September 9th. He was staying at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Croydon, having travelled down from the Wirral.

The incident occurred when his sister’s partner had parked outside the hotel to pick up luggage. They had parked on a yellow line outside the hotel.

When Mr Bullas returned to the vehicle a few minutes later, he found that it was about to be towed. He remonstrated with the driver of the tow truck, telling him that his sister’s partner was on his way. They replied that it was too late, as the car was already starting to be lifted.

Mr Bullas tells the Croydon Guardian that the truck drove off and turned around. However, as it returned towards him, he was struck by the vehicle, and thrown around six feet. He suffered injuries in the incident, bruising his shoulder and wrist.

Mr Bullas tells the paper that the driver told police that he threw himself in front of the truck but he disputes this, claiming to have a witness to the accident. He also states that he will be taking legal action to sue the council over the incident.

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