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Man Seeks Compensation after Fall down Hotel Steps

A Plymouth man, who suffered life changing head injuries after a fall at an Exeter hotel, is to make a claim for compensation against the hotels owners.

Twenty eight year old David Atherley, from Honicknowle, required surgery after his fall at the Clock Tower Hotel in Exeter and has been left with memory and sensory problems, he is also at an increased risk of developing epilepsy or dementia in the future.

The Plymouth Herald is reporting that Mr. Atherley was staying at his partners on-site flat at the hotel, where she was employed as an assistant manager and that the couple were returning to the flat in the early hours of the morning, after visiting a nearby bar.

To gain access to the flat it was necessary to climb down six steps leading to the entrance, it was at this point Mr. Atherley lost his footing and fell, hitting his head against concrete. He was admitted to an Exeter hospital but later transferred to Derriford for an operation to relieve pressure on his brain.

The compensation claim, which is due to be heard at the High Court in London states that lighting at the scene was not operational and that there was no handrail installed.

Since his accident Mr. Atherley has had to give up his job as a hospital manager and his partner is now studying social work at Plymouth University.

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