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Man Seeks Compensation after Lift Plummets 100ft in Horror Fall

A Surrey man, who was seriously injured when a hotel lift plummeted 100ft down a lift shaft, is claiming a six figure sum in compensation.

Forty four year old Stephen Dinsdale, from Hersham, was enjoying a stag weekend with friends at the Hotel Victoria in Newquay but as they travelled up to their rooms, the lift they were travelling in ground to a halt, in-between the ground floor and the first floor.

Hotel staff reassured the stag party that the lift would be winched back down and the men could disembark when they reached the ground floor but as the rescue mission began, the lift began to pick up speed and ended up falling almost a 100ft onto the concrete base below.

Mr. Dinsdale and his five friends were trapped inside the lift for almost forty five minutes, while the emergency services battled to free them.

Mr. Dinsdale suffered a torn cruciate ligament in the accident, which has since required re-constructive surgery. Two of his friends were also injured, suffering relatively minor injuries.

Mr. Dinsdale has still not regained full use of his injured leg and has been told that there is a possibility that he could lose it all together.

He has now launched a claim for personal injury compensation against the hotel, for what is believed to be a six figure sum.

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