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Man Seeks Legal Action after Bus Crashes into Bus Stop

A man is reported to be seeking legal action after a bus crashed into a bus stop.

Stuart Kinsella was waiting for a bus in Cleveleys near Blackpool when the accident happened last summer. A double-decker bus struck the bus shelter causing serious damage.

Passers-by rushed to help the three people in the shelter where Mr Kinsella was stood. They also helped a further eight people who were stood further away but were struck by flying glass.

The most seriously hurt person in the incident was a 17 year old girl stood in the bus shelter. She had to be taken to hospital for treatment on a head wound after being hit in the face by glass.

Now, Mr Kinsella tells the Blackpool Gazette that he is taking legal action against the bus company for the “mental scarring” the accident has caused him. He states that he still has flashbacks about the incident and has “bad nerves” as a result.

It is reported that Mr Kinsella has still not received an apology from the operators of the bus, but is hoping his legal action will result in him receiving compensation.

The same bus shelter was hit by another bus in a similar accident just three years before this one.

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