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Man Severs Fingers in Forklift Truck Accident

A man severed three fingers in an accident involving a fork lift truck.

The unnamed 36 year old was working for PRF Engineering when the incident occurred in May last year. The company manufactures shelters that are used for storing bicycles and supermarket trolleys.

The accident happened when the man and colleagues were attempting to move a three metre wide metal sheet using a fork lift truck. To keep the metal sheet stable on the forks of the truck, the man and one of the colleagues stood on top of it as it was lifted.

However, when the forks were lowered, the man’s hand became trapped and three of his fingers were severed. He was rushed to hospital where doctors managed to re-attach his digits. The injury however, has left him with only partial use of the hand.

Ormskirk Magistrates’ Court heard this week that the company did not undertake a proper risk assessment, and should have found a safer way to transport large metal sheets. A safer way would have been to use a large metal basket to hold the sheets.

The firm pleaded guilty to breaking health and safety legislation and were fined £6,000.

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