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Man Severs Two Fingers after Glove is Caught in Saw

A man severed two fingers after his glove became caught in an unguarded bandsaw.

The incident happened in May 2011 at Firth Rixson Forgings Ltd in Derbyshire. Anthony Baker was working on a bandsaw at the time of the accident.

Mr Baker was cleaning metal clippings from the bed of the saw, which was operating in automatic mode at the time. The saw blade moved and accidentally caught the glove that Mr Baker was using to clean the bed. His right hand was pulled across the blade and the tips of two of his fingers were severed.

The Health and Safety Executive subsequently looked into the accident. They found that the blade of the saw was not safely guarded. Also, cleaning was taking place whilst power to the machine was still on.

As a result of these failings, Firth Rixson Forgings Ltd were taken to Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court last week, where they pleaded guilty to breaking work equipment regulations. A fine of £20,000 was then given to the company.

The saw (and other similar saws used by the company) have now been fitted with adequate safety guards.

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